General Information and Rules

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Tournament Ethics

  • To encourage the sport of game fishing with a spirit of true sportsmanship in an atmosphere of fun and good camaraderie.
  • To encourage the ethic of tag and release fishing for sustainable use of the fisheries.

Tournament Entry Fees Includes…

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Tournament Rules

GFAA rules apply to practice, however there are specific additions to cater for the unique format of this tournament.

  1. Single class line only – 10kg, however, fish that are 6kg and over, gilled and gutted, will be eligible for weigh in.
  2. Participants must belong to a gamefishing club or sportfishing club that is affiliated with the Gamefishing Association of Australia.
  3. Teams shall consist of no fewer than two (2) or more than four (4) anglers.
  4. There is no limit on boat size. There are some prizes for which boats under 7.5m are ineligible.
  5. The tournament committee reserves the right to amend the trophy list without notification.


Diesel Fuel will be available from the Trinity fuel depot on Jodrell Street, East Innisfail. Payment is via Trinity Petroleum account, cash or credit card.

Innisfail Game Fishing Club

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